At Guide Book Publications we focus on individual sports in South Africa. Running makes up almost 70% of the readership while 25% comes from cycling. The remainder, swimming, accounts for about 5% of readers and users.

The foundation was strongly laid over twenty five years ago when the Runners’ Guide to Road Races in South Africa was first launched as a book. Since then websites, social media, newsletters and phone apps carry our information to a wide audience. Today books make up 10% of our interaction with athletes.

Sporting publications

Publishing - Road Running

Publishing - Cycling

Publishing - Swimming

What’s on this month

Running Cycling Swimming

Other Publications

I have been involved in other publications in one way or another. Besides my own, here are a handful of books and authors I support.

Five Hour Pilgrim (Tom Cottrell)

One Step Behind Mandela (Rory Steyn)

Make Sure of Your Comrades Medal (Don Oliver)

The Gift of the Dead (Jan Kruger)

Runaway Comrade (Bob de la Motte)


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