About this blog

In a nutshell – this blog is the sequel to a book I once wrote when I went on my own pilgrimage. The Five Hour Pilgrim was a mid-life journey of self-examination and a search for my Soul. This is a crazy patchwork continuation on that path, but the subject matter is much the same – the unrelenting examination of my life.

I cannot imagine what was in the mind of Socrates when he uttered his famous dictum – ”the unexamined life is not worth living.” Facing a death sentence for corrupting the youth of Athens no less, he chose his Fate rather thaContemplation20n to live in docile compliance. This blog celebrates such a bold spirt.   For Socrates the examined life was the attainment of wisdom and intellectual humility. For others like Dostoyevsky, the examined life meant the resilience of the human soul against evil, pain, hardship and misery. For Seneca the examined life was to have a meaningful goal and strive to perfect one’s character.

In this blog I try to upgrade the software of my mind and refurbish my body. I extend my spiritual warranty and attempt to stay relevant even as I stumble towards my dotage. I have made my living out of publishing and pretending to be an author for over two decades. That is no mean feat when you can hardly write and have educated yourself as an accountant. Still, here I am – and more importantly, here you are. This is a philosophical and apocryphal moment and we should savour it. Welcome.

I thought of reinventing myself once and decided that was way too ambitious. Misguided even. I then played with the idea of renovating myself. I have in my lifetime renovated a house, so why not a personality? That also seemed way too lofty an ideal. I remembered the 3-2-1 rule of house renovations and quickly decided against it. The 3-2-1 rule? Oh yes – such an enterprise will take three times longer than you can imagine, will cost twice as much, and you will only do it once in your lifetime. So no, no more renovating.

Rehabilitation – now there might be an option. I am too old and cynical to write about career enhancement – I climbed down the corporate ladder and trundled off on my own path a long time ago. Here I also try and rehabilitate the bits that are broken before I take my final short stroll to the horizon….

Care to join me?

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