Four Transitional Phases to Sobriety – Part 4

Four Transitional Phases to Sobriety – My Alternative to the Twelve Steps
Phase Four – The Promised Land

For some, for me, I knew if I was true to myself and stayed the course, I would reach such a place – The Promised Land. Although, as I look forward to celebrate 500 sober days soon I am under no illusion. I am an alcoholic, and that will remain with me for the rest of my life. The idea of moderate drinking in the future is a myth. But armed with proper knowledge and understanding, I realise I am no worse off than a diabetic or a celiac. I have a permanent physical condition and there are certain things I must stay away from.

And moderation? What of moderation? I know that if I start drinking again, initially nothing will happen. But I also know within three months I will be in a place worse than my deepest, darkest pit. Again, for me drinking is not an option. But I am at peace. In this lifetime I will never drink alcohol again.

At last I can walk beside still waters. I can bask in the love and respect of my family, and I can enjoy my own self-respect. At gatherings I can be here – now! I now know what it feels like to enjoy the presence and conversation of loved ones. In cultivating a life that’s normal I allow others to be who they are. Alcohol is not banned from my house, let alone my table. I have the affliction, not everyone else.

I have moved on.

Ah – Life bacons me. What about others? The question hangs in all my meditations and prayers. You must help others not as fortunate as you – (step 12). There are many alcoholics that have not yet even reached the first phase of transition. If you help but one of these to lasting sobriety, your journey will be worth it. Life challenges me.

This may well be the last time I write on the subject for some while. If you are reading this and have drawn some hope or inspiration from this old drunk, I am glad. In writing these few posts I have clarified in my own mind the difficult quest for lifelong sobriety. In the end I emerge from it the richer, I hope you do too. This blog has my contact details and if you feel I can help, call me.

I will not drink with you, just for today.



About Tom Cottrell

Tom is a struggling author, pilgrim and citizen of Planet Earth.
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3 Responses to Four Transitional Phases to Sobriety – Part 4

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  2. Barbara Nell says:

    Thanks Tom. I admire your courage and bravery. Your blogs have been very informative and educational. They have helped me understand my sister better, and friends I have, who still struggle with alcohol. Your willingness to share your journey is much appreciated.

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