Ankle Replacement Recap.

I had my ankle replacement three-and-a-half months ago. The background to this long and arduous process started here. Before I had the surgery I had to weigh up the odds, it wasn’t that easy. I also had to decide between a fusion and a replacement. I made the obvious choice, but still. it wasn’t that obvious. As apprehensive as I was, inevitably operation day came and I had to put my faith in the staff at the Linksfield Hospital. Thankfully the operation went well and it wasn’t long before I could go home and step on the long road to recovery. I had an appointment two weeks after surgery with the Prof and he was pleased, all was going well.

After six weeks the cast came off and I got a look at my new ankle. I went to Kei Mouth for Christmas to get my head around the next step. The procedure is not finished, and I have to undergo another operation in June, so until then I’ll just have to be moonbooting it at my daughter’s wedding. To any who reads this and is thinking of an ankle replacement, it is still too early to tell if it is worth it. There is still a long road ahead but I take comfort form some who went before. I researched a number of replacementees who wrote about their experiences. For those looking for another perspective have a look at this girl’s blog, it’s helpful as much as it is inspiring.

Today is physio day and tomorrow I’m off to the gym for a short session in the pool. I know there is a distance to go, but I keep my mind focused on the day I can walk again. “Perhaps a race?” my heart asks hopefully. “Shut the f#$k up” whispers the crazy voice in my head.

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