Setting out for the last time

Glad you could join me. Welcome. Ah yes, I see you hesitate. It will be fine, I’m sure. I am setting out for the last time, this journey will end with my death. Oh come on, it’s not that sad. It will be joyous. We will learn together, walk together, we will peer into the void together. I have so much to tell you.

Let’s go now and find out where I want to take you. Our journey starts right in the centre of your being. It starts with your Soul. Inside is the 01.Attitude- Soulmill where by hammer and by fire your attitudes are forged. Your Soul is not some sort of esoteric mystery, no it’s not. It is the music you make and the pictures you paint as you go about your daily round. Fire and ice, light and shade, it is the blade you cut through all of life’s ambiguities and disappointments. It is your last freedom.

There are many things you cannot change. Life’s unfairness is the only certainty, that and death of course. Like a fog that rolls in and you cannot stop its cold or its dark. It will creep in through window cracks and slip in under the door, the unfair fog will find you wherever you may hide. The only thing you have against such onslaught is your choice of attitude. That is your weapon against adversity. Used deftly your sharp sword can also peel and share an orange.

There are a few things we have to bring along with us on this our final journey, the most important is your brain. Oh, yes both sides too, the left and the right. It’s fine to have the analytical side that weighs, measures and compares, but we are also going need that crazy side that creates and is compassionate. Like a sailing ship we are going to need both the rudder to steer us and the sails to drive us on. It’s no good sitting in the harbour pointing exactly at the gate knowing where to go but never leaving. It’s also dangerous to be at sea in full sail with no steerage. Wreckage on the rocks is our only certainty.

This journey is also about balance. It profits us nought venturing into the wide blue yonder without paying good heed to your daily wo01.Balancerk, your family and your health. Every day we walk a tightrope and if we should ever lose that poise, it could leave us hanging on to our sanity for dear life or even worse. It may plunge us into the dark abyss to be lost there forever.

There are times we are going to need rest, reflection. We must find those white spaces where we can co01.White Spacensider the artist in you, the warrior and the saint. This journey must take us along the pathways of beauty and lead us to gardens both wild and wonderful and gardens carefully tended.

So shall we depart? Come now and let’s march on joyously to my death, whenever that may come. Want some orange?

About Tom Cottrell

Tom is a struggling author, pilgrim and citizen of Planet Earth.
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