What Lies Beneath

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”  – Henry David Thoreau 

The things we see on the surface of our lives are but nothing to what lies within. The power that lies beneath the surface is immense and unfathomed. The quest to become fully human is to find that hiddenforce and to embrace it and to understand it. Consider what lies beneath the icy waters; consider what lies beneath our daily toil.

Many of the icebergs in Antarctica are measured not in square meters but in square kilometres. To see such an icy edifice is enough to send the mind into uncomprehending realms of disbelief. When an ice shelf collapsed recently it was the size of Belgium. Things here are immense. Below the surface lie ancient secrets and unexplored myths.

What lies below our human existence is an authority that is timeless and is deathless. Intuitively we know this – for what created our reality on this day? – It was our thoughts and our will. Our thoughts are powerful forces that drive our destiny. If you want to know what this day will bring, look carefully at the thoughts you had this last week. Enquire of your dreams a month ago. That is your day today and that is your future. 

Under the chatter and crackle of an unstill mind lies a depth and a silence. Here your destiny is being forged. Go to that deep and hushed place and you will find the secret of your life. Go beneath. To access this hidden realm is not easy nor is it simple. To go beneath you need silence, lots of long periods of silence. Imagine just one day without the radio, TV or the newspaper. To go beneath you need to listen and not speak. That means stilling an ever chattering mind and listening to your Soul. To experience what is below the iceberg’s surface you need to enter the icy waters and dive deep down.

The secrets below the surface – ah yes they are terrifying. What could we find there? Old hurts and resentments even abuse. Go deeper. What do we find there? Callous neglect and uncaring parents. Go deeper. What do we find there? Drunken fathers and sexual depravity. Go deeper. What do we find there?

Go deeper – What do you find there?

My Soul – deathless.

It whispers – I have been with you always.

About Tom Cottrell

Tom is a struggling author, pilgrim and citizen of Planet Earth.
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