A meditation

Morning all. Please come and stand in the circle. Before we run this race, a little instruction. First I acknowledge you all. I bow slightly with my hands before me to each of you. You have come this far, been tested, made to think. I bow to your spirit. The run before us will be difficult. But for now, we meditate. Loosen your clothing, please sit comfortably in any position you like. It’s funny; I can feel how full this room is. Now….

The room is dark – I breathe in and I breathe out. Fiddle about … Two … Three –ah shit it’s gone again … I breath in, and I breath out … One … centre the mind … Two … keep the focus – keep the focus on a central point at my “Third Eye” … Three … I gently push away all thoughts of the mundane and counting my breaths is the only point of focus and … Four … I am calm now, I am breathing, and for the next breath … Five … I have done it … I have focused on a point in my mind – almost a physical point – I have done it for five breaths and I have cleared my head of all daily thoughts. This is the beginning of my meditation, now I am ready to make myself one with the Universe.

I make time to meditate. Each meditation is different. Like prayer, this is personal and individual. No right or wrong. There is a strong connection between mind, body and spirit. I have felt its strength while running.

I breathe … I count and I focus … relax and get my mind and body and spirit to focus … I am relaxed but alert, I am aware of my surroundings … I am ready.

As I sit, I reach out and try to find my spirits. Those I touch beyond this life. I greet my family and friends who have moved on. I reach out for their vibration. I become aware of my mother, a strong and warming influence. I wish I could have experienced more of her during her lifetime. I become aware of my grandmother, steady as a rock. She was a woman of humility in her lifetime. In death this elevated her to great spiritual wisdom.

I become aware of this wisdom. I know that when one of such calm and resolute watchfulness is with me, I am well looked after. There are others, Risto, killed in the accident with me. He brings an energy and also a feeling of forgiveness. He taught me forgiveness. I feel the presence of Sally, different now, calming and loving. And so the room fills with the dear departed, and almost like a great family gathering we chat and enjoy fellowship.

This is only the first step, and soon I must leave and move on to the next spiritual plain. I bid them farewell and move to a quieter spot in my mind, where I am aware of only one entity. My Teacher.

This spiritual Guide has watched over me since before my birth. In my imagination he is Eastern, perhaps Chinese, and my name for him is Sen. I enter his presence and respectfully bow in greeting. He is equally respectful and he greets me. I am aware that I am in the presence of great calm and wisdom. I pause here with Sen, while he instructs me. Sometimes it is about business, sometimes family or something unrelated.

Sen’s attitude is always one of kindly love and deep concern. I sit and listen and Sen instructs. I believe that my deeper insights and my life’s understanding come from this source. When I have finished with this second stage, I move on. With great reverence I bid my Guide farewell and move on to the next level.

At the third level there is a different vibration, for here the angels exist. These entities are not concerned with the day-to-day functions of material life. They are more concerned with my spiritual progression. In my mind this is the realm of angelic existence. It is a good place to stop, pause and feel the calmness. The detached transcendence from all troubles. It is said that if you wait a hundred years every decision will be right. In this place of angelic calm, there are entities who have watched over my growth for more than a thousand years.

They watched, when as hunter-gathers, we ritualistically buried our dead in the Ice Ages. They know our ancient wisdom and our early understanding of worlds beyond. These angelic entities were with us when we created civilisations in Egypt and in Greece. It is they who look over us now, with understanding and a deep and abiding love. I sit in the presence of my Guardian Angels.

When I feel completely calm, loved and fully understood, it is time for me to bid these entities farewell, and to move to the fourth and final level. Here I enter the “Light”.

I find myself in the presence of all the Prophets, Sages and Saviours. I place myself in the very presence of God. This brings inner bliss. I bathe in the warmth and the light that emanates from God. I feel the love that transcends our human understanding. This is a moment of pure happiness and bliss. I thank God for life and for light in my life. I feel grateful that I am aware of such depths.

There is something inside of me that is ancient. Deathless. That knows about life, birth and survival. All the deep questions that need answers are met there. That ancient part of me is my “Totem”. My Soul. It has lived for more than a thousand years and is the wise, strong part of me that is beyond death. In my meditation I see it as an ancient statue of solid granite. Polished but not smooth. It stands high; a powerful and silent witness that has lived many lives.

I have lived here for many lifetimes. I have been a man and a woman. A soldier and a mother. I have known the burden of great wealth and title, and I have been a slave. I have died in childbirth and I have been stillborn. I have been many races and creeds. I have hunted on the plains of Africa, and begged in the streets of Constantinople. All this I carry within. I am here and now, as an extension of this journey of discovery.

My meditation is now complete and I am aware of the surroundings of the room. It is quiet. It is dark, just before daybreak. Breathe in … One … Two.

I turn to the assembly before me and greet each with respect and with love. I bid my Soul good day. I thank my ancestors for the time I have had with them. I go to Sen and bow with reverence, and promise to be more disciplined. I go to my angels and stand before them and absorb their love and council, and then I stand before God. I feel the light and the warmth. I feel the hand of God on my heart and on my mind and on my life, and I give thanks.

Breath out and … Five … the sun has not come up yet, but I am calm and happy. In the distance, the call of a hadedah. I have spent an important part of my day getting ready … I know this will be a special day.

More to follow…

About Tom Cottrell

Tom is a struggling author, pilgrim and citizen of Planet Earth.
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